micah wayne dylan ford

Personality Aspects

Thank you for stopping by. I created this version of my resume to inform people of my capabilities utilizing technology I know and LOVE.

Creating useful attractive interfaces for more then simple admiration and taking interfaces to new realms as beautiful useful widgets, websites or web applications is what I do. Web development is unique as it provides opportunity to continue pushing the design as a project grows and morphs throughout it’s life and subsequent use.

I am a UI/UX Designer, Front End Developer in HTML/CSS and JavaScript and a Graphic Designer. I Build cutting edge interfaces for mobile and web applications as my passion.

I created this web version of my resume because internet is the new and current means of communication, and because I rather despise Word and Acrobat. Please contact me about job opportunities or freelance work.

Thank you and enjoy.

Im happy to provide contact info upon request.

A Bit of What I Do & What I've Doneclick an article to view more

Private VeturesJuuly 2014 - Present

  • Graphic UI/UX design and Development HTML5, CSS3

  • JavaScript, AngularJS, PHP

  • Marketing, Promotions, SEO & SEM

  • Graphic Design & Layout for print.

  • POP Design and Fabrication

  • Graphic Design Product & Apparel.

  • CRM Development, Implementation, Management

  • Raw materials procurement, Intl. Shipping

  • Gvmt. Regulations & Frustrations etc...

Designer and Developer of all visual media for Private Ventures. Product Line. Logo Design & brand management, Build support collateral Development and deployment of CRM & Shopping Cart solution for sales teams, retail sales & fulfilment.

Rhino Rush LLCJune 2012 - July 2015

  • Graphic UI/UX design and Development HTML5, CSS3

  • JavaScript, PHP, .NET C#

  • SEO & SEM

  • Graphic Design & Layout for print.

  • POP Design and Fabrication

  • Graphic Design Apparel.

Designer and Developer of all visual media for Rhino Rush Product Line. Development and deployment of CRM & Shopping Cart solution for sales team, retail sales & fulfilment.

IDSFebruary 2013 - April 2013

  • Graphic UI/UX design and Development HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

  • Development of interactive interfaces for Set-Ttop, Desk-Top, and Mobile Apps for a product/sevice similar to NETFLIX for Lating America and Europe.

Developed HTML5 Semantic Markup & CSS3 based on Kohana Framework.

KLOWDOctober 2011 - April 2012

  • Graphic UI/UX design and Development HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY

  • Design and development of interactive slide show and multimedia engagement apps for mobile and desktop

Designed with pure HTML5 Semantic Markup & CSS3 based on bootstrap. Was charged with creating interfaces to allow slide presentation audiences to interact and provide live feedback during local and remote presentations. Presenter could also provide offers and adjust the conversation based on audience feedback and interactions. Mechanisms were also created to facilitate social media publishing of content during presentations.

Vesta CorporationMay 2011 - Dec 2011

  • Translation of visual UI designs into HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY

  • Design and development focuses on usability for mobile platforms begining with Android

Design with focus on the use of a pure HTML5 Semantic Markup & CSS3 implementation without the distractions of providing support for legacy browsers. This application is being developed in Eclipse and ported to multiple mobile platforms by Worklight. This project has allowed me test the extent of my skills on a platform that supports cutting edge web design practice and see the results in use with most major cellular carriers.

Unity Media IncOct 2009 - March 2011

  • Worked with my teams from conception of an idea all the way to debugging and support.

  • Wire framing, Photoshop, Fireworks , HTML/CSS, JQUERY, General Front end Development, & Bug fix all within Agile/SCRUM methodology

Accomplishments of note:
Played an integral part in redesign and implementation of a more user friendly drag and drop administration system relying heavily on AJAX and JQUERY. I also took part in a major architecture restructuring of all product lines that enabled more secure use manifested in a complex rights management system that is compliant with HPPA laws. I created the interfaces that support the new structure of rights management and resources security use in all Unity Products. Lead the design of a new product, Unity Portal. This application ties together all other unity products allowing users to easily navigate between products within the product suite.

UrbanDesignFirm.comAug 2005 - March 2010

  • Performed all functions of a graphic designer, web designer web developer, & as an IT admin

  • Learned how to consult with clients to best determine how to meet their needs and goals with varied budgets and resources.

  • Had great success in getting my clients to the top SERP results.

  • Created countless branding packages exercising marketing and design skills across varied digital platforms and print media.

HPjuly 2000 - feb 2005

  • Took incoming calls in support of HP JetDirect Print Servers in Windows, Linux, HPUX, Sun Solaris, & Novell Netware Environments

  • Conducted detailed trouble shooting and problem solving and wrote reports that were provided to product engineers

  • Network Configuring and Troubleshooting. TCP/IP, Netware, DLC, DHCP, Telephony, Routing, Wireless, IP Tunneling, VPNs, and Internet Printing.

The most valuable skills I learned at HP would have to be customer service and trouble shooting. Advanced network and software trouble shooting skills I learned while at HP continue to come in handy today, as I can apply this skill to web hosting environments and understand behavior of a website in relation to the system it is hosted on.

Technical Skills

Applications & Environments

Throughout my time building sites I've worked on and off within the Agile process and rather like it especially when working with a large team. Personally I've used Agile Zen, BaseCamp and others for my small and large projects. Currently I've been rather partial to Trello.

Having come from a background in hardware and network support made it a natural move for me to build my first sites in LAMP environments. Most of my frist sites were hosted on my own machines and later I began to utilize either Managed servers in Data Centers or shared hosting on Linux systems for most of the sites I have built.

While at Unity Media I worked exclusively in .NET using Visual Studio. The applications were build with C# and so I have several years of experience working with C# Code Monkeys hand in hand.

Reciently I've either built or been in volved in the development of several mobile applications for both Android and iPad/iPhone. Currently I develop all new sites utilizing adaptive techniques, ie bootstrap.

I started using Photoshop 4.x ( dating myself ) when I was a full time recording artist creating album covers etc. I've continued to use the latest versions of Photoshop and the Adobe Suite of products.

I started my web design experience in LAMP and used Dreamweaver with PHP to build my first complex sites. I quickly picked up on a Mambo CMS, then Joomla and eventually built sites using WordPress, Drupal, Orchard, ModX, and Magento. I've built perhaps 200 sites altogether from single page form sites to massive SaaS Web Applications.